Why invest in real estate in Mont-Tremblant?

Investing in real estate in Mont-Tremblant and the surrounding area means benefiting from the area’s attractions, including its well-preserved natural environment, superb amenities, and a multitude of year-round activities, on a daily basis.

Located in the Laurentides, at the foot of southern Quebec’s highest peak and just 130 kilometers from Montreal, Mont-Tremblant is a resort town on a human scale with a superb quality of life.


The Old Village of Mont-Tremblant, with its rustic charm, its stores, its many exhibiting artists and its lifestyle “à la française”, will delight those seeking a calm and refined atmosphere.

As for managing your day-to-day life, Mont-Tremblant benefits from all the amenities that you could need, from banks to lawyers’ offices, without forgetting the clinics, craftspeople and grocery stores, and so on.

If you are interested in acquiring property in this beautiful region, from a condo to a waterfront house, a high-end prestigious property, a lodge or a townhome, you’ll experience life against a backdrop of untamed nature that coexists harmoniously with superb cultural, sporting, and leisure facilities and an outstanding family atmosphere.


Mont-Tremblant also stands out particularly because there is simply so much going on all year round, with casinos, cinemas, exhibitions, galleries, and concerts – among others! The region also hosts a number of cultural and musical events including:

  • The International Blues Festival, which has been held each July for over 20 years;
  • The Festi-Jazz Mont-Tremblant, the jazz festival at the start of August each year;
  • The Tremblant Music Festival with Angèle Dubeau;
  • The Musical Weekend;
  • The Rhythmes Tremblant;
  • The agricultural and medieval fair
  • The historic and contemporary and outdoor painting exhibition (the Peintres de plein air d’hier et d’aujourd’hui)
  • And a range of other special events.

    ont-Tremblant is first and foremost a leading international sporting destination, with ski resorts and golf courses, a swimming pool complex, and excellent sporting infrastructure. In addition, the town regularly hosts internationally-renowned sporting events including:

  • IRONMAN triathlon races that are held every year;
  • The Mont-Tremblant Half Marathon;
  • The Canadian Fly-fishing Championships;
  • The 24 hours of Tremblant, which combines skiing, walking and cross-country running at a single site;
  • And many more.

    Because Mont-Tremblant’s range extends beyond the borders of Quebec, its international airport allows visitors from different regions and countries to be welcomed in the town.

    Weekly flights to Toronto and New York, among others are offered by several airlines serving Mont-Tremblant, not to forget the flights undertaken by the many private planes that the airport regularly welcomes.


    Mont-Tremblant is also home to a racetrack that hosts prestigious car races and automotive events, including:

  • The Mont-Tremblant Automotive Grand Prix;
  • The Mont-Tremblant Champ Car Race;
  • The annual Porsche car show.
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